What is Pastel Goth

#2: What is Pastel Goth? Outstanding Style Guide

What is Pastel Goth?

Pastel Goth is an Alternative Aesthetic and Fashion that has emerged as a result of a stunning symbiosis involving the use of dark and occult elements of the classic Goth Aesthetic and mixing them with pastel colors.

Figuratively speaking, these are cute rainbow unicorns practicing sacrifice and preferring blood to milk.

What is Pastel Goth

Is Pastel Goth Alt?

Definitely yes. Before its origins in 2010 on Tumblr, aesthetics have come a long way from classic Gothic to western Vintage Grunge Wave and oriental Kawaii Aesthetics such as Korean “Ulzzangs”, Japanese “Himegyarus”, and Harajuku fashion.

harajuku ullzang fashion

Before finding its final name, the culture was called Nu-Goth, then Soft Grunge and Pastel Grunge.

Is Pastel Goth a Subculture?

Pastel Goth Aesthetic is more of an offshoot of Goth Aesthetic Сulture than an independent culture. This is not a breaking of the Gothic Сulture, it is a Subculture within a Subculture.

Is Pastel Goth really Goth?

In fact, Pastel Goth is as much a Goth as any other, such as Victorian Goth or Cybergoth. The exception is that pastel colors prevail in his Clothes, Accessories, Hairstyle and Makeup.

What kind of music do Pastel Goths listen to?

Since Pastel Goth Culture originated on the Internet under the influence of Korean and Japanese street fashion, rather than in the dark nightclubs of England influenced by the post-punk 70s scene as was the case with traditional Gothic Aesthetic, there are no canon music genres or groups representing this culture.

The available musical spectrum is usually limited to Alternative performers, but of course, all greats of the traditional Gothic scene like Siouxsie and the Banshees or Joy Division also have a lot of influence.

Inspiration can also be found in a hint of darkness behind hilarious beats and songs from bands like Strawberry Switchblade.

In the end, will you listen to bands from the original Gothic scene, or performers balancing between mainstream and underground like Grimes, or completely mainstream such as Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish – it’s up to you.

How to be a Pastel Goth?

The world of fashion is changeable, new tendencies constantly appear and disappear, but the Pastel Goth Aesthetic, despite its relative novelty, has already managed to firmly gain a foothold among other Alt trends – this confirms the idea that this is an excellent choice as your image.

Below we have collected and arranged on the shelves everything you need to know to look like a Pastel Goth.

#1: The main thing is COLOUR

The key to success in the process of creating a Pastel Goth Style is choosing the right pastel colors for you personally and mixing them with Black, which is the main base color for all Goth Aesthetics.

Add magenta, pinks, blues, greens and any other pastel tones that you like and suit, don’t be afraid to mix different colors and shades with black and each other.

Pastel Goth Color Palette

#2: How do you dress a Pastel Goth:

The paradoxical purpose of Pastel Goth Aesthetic Clothing is to create a creepy and at the same time cute atmosphere around you that will let people know about your love for the occult and sweets. Clothing should be brighter than traditional Gothic Aesthetic Outfits, but softer and more delicate to more flamboyant Kawaii Styles.

The basis of Pastel Goth wardrobe is:

  • Traditional Goth Aesthetic Clothing will be a great beacon to show people your commitment to Gothic roots. An excellent option would be clothing items with the classic attributes of the Gothic culture, namely with prints and embroidery in the form of inverted crosses, ghosts, bones, and as an exception, you can afford hearts.
  • Corsets are ideal for a more traditional Gothic look.
  • T-shirts and Tops are a great replacement for corsets when creating more modern looks, a huge variety provides endless possibilities, however, it should be understood that pastel and cute T-shirts and tops should be combined with more traditional Gothic items, in turn, dark and Gothic tops should be complemented by accessories in pastel colors.
  • Traditional Goth Aesthetic Shoes – anything will look good, be it shoes, Creepers, or Platform Boots. If desired, you can add colored laces to your existing pair of shoes. If you are not a fan of Chunky Shoes or just want to create a lighter Lolita look, you can wear Ballet Flats with pentagram prints or something equally cute.
  • Outerwear – if you want to show the world all your audacity, your choice should be Leather Jackets in pastel colors. Denim Jackets will also work great with your wardrobe, especially the lightly dyed options. For a softer look, use a delicate Cardigan.
  • Stockings and Leggings with crazy prints taken from the wettest nightmares – something you can’t do without.
  • Mesh Clothing – no special explanations needed here, there is nothing sexier than Mesh.
  • Studded items – Spiked clothing items, whether it be a Leather Jacket, Boots, or anything else, will add an element of brutality to your image, but it is important to be careful – dressing from head to toe in studded clothing can look ridiculous.

Visit our Pastel Goth Aesthetic collection page to select items for your personal Pastel Goth look.

#3: Pastel Goth Aesthetic Hairstyles

Hair color and hairstyle are probably the most important and defining aspects of your look.

When choosing a hair color, you should not deviate from the general concept, make a choice from all the same delicate shades of pink, mint, turquoise, azure, purple, and other pastel shades that suit you personally.
We recommend that you use green and red colors only as an auxiliary, gradient tones.

In the case when deciding which color to choose is a problem for you, split hair color is ideal for you. The main thing is not to overdo it with black so as not to cross the border of the chosen concept.

Whether you are worried about the health of your hair or not wanting to make your hairstyle the centerpiece of your look, you can resort to partial hair coloring, affecting only the ends or individual strands.

Even if you are a principled opponent of dyeing, we still have good news for you, because today there are a huge number of natural wigs that will allow your most daring ideas about your appearance to become reality.

A place for a hair accessories reminder!

Pastel Goth Hairstyles

#4: How do you do Pastel Goth Makeup:

While creating gothic makeup, you can unleash all your creativity and give free rein to your eerily cute imagination.

The Gothic core of your look is mixing black elements like lipstick or eyeliner into a swirl of pastel colors.
Witchly pale eyelids are also a great solution, as is the cheerful unicorn rainbow.Eyebrows are usually combined with hair color, although exceptions are of course acceptable.

All kinds of witchcraft signs and runes, for example around the eyes, will give you the superpower to charm people with one glance. The main thing is not to inadvertently cross the line of cosplay if there are no plans for this.

Pastel Goth Makeup

#5: Pastel Goth Aesthetic Accessories

Unlike traditional Goth Aesthetic, accessories for Pastel Goth are critical. With their help, you can radically change the vibe around your image, make it more gloomy, or, on the contrary, cuter.

A staple accessory for all Goth Aesthetics is the Choker, depending on the look you choose, you may want different options, luckily the choice is huge, from harmless pink to black Studded with Chains.

Hair accessories such as Bows, Floral or Spiked Headbands are equally important.
All kinds of Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets will also play an important role. Bracelets can be either Spiked or homemade from beads, depending on your mood and image.

Handbags should be chosen like all other accessories – starting from the look you plan to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try a mix of Burlesque, Punk, and Goth Aesthetic Accessories.
Make things that should conflict work together. Contrast is the secret of success!

Where can I buy Pastel Aesthetic Clothes?

You can find everything you need to create your gothic look in our Pastel Goth Aesthetic collection.

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